ucase & lcase with access sql statements in asp

I have a native ASP application that makes calls to access dbs for lookups.  is there a way to eliminate the issues with queries and lcase/ucase situations.  The user may have changed their id from john.doe@gmail.com to John.Doe@gmail.com and I need to make sure I pick up both.

  strSQL1 = "SELECT * from officials WHERE email='" & rs("official1") & "'"
Matt PinkstonAsked:
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Gustav BrockCIOCommented:
Try with:

strSQL1 = "SELECT * from officials WHERE UCase(email)='" & UCase(rs("official1")) & "'"

And once you are there, avoid problems with spaces. It happens often enough that people enter a space before or after their email:

WHERE UCase(Trim(email))='" & UCase(Trim(rs("official1"))) & "'"
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