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I'm working with a Lexmark Optra T614 network printer. The old one wouldn't connect through the network, so it was suggested the the network card had failed. I replaced the whole unit with a rebuilt printer and have the same results. It is a static network. I can ping the printer, but it is not discoverable from any PC. I can see a different T614 on the network that is in another room. The system is using Windows XP Pro and does not run on a domain. Disabling the firewall & antivirus makes no difference. These are the network settings as printed by the Lexmark. I'm wondering about the WINS Server. I haven't had to set that previously.

Standard Network Card
Status:                              connected
Speed, Duplex                        10 Mbs, Half Duplex
Current Time:                        2011-12-12 21:43
End-of-Job Timeout                  90
UAA (MSB, Canonical):            002000F1A2AF, 0004008F45F5
LAA:                              00000000000, 000000000000
Part Number:                        99A1113
EC:                                      543082T, MN_SH_2
Firmware, Bootcode Revision:      3.14.16 9.4
Compi:                              thralls.ccs.neppci3.sh3.

Integrated Network Option Settings
Printer Type:                        Lexmark Optra T614

Active:                              No
Nickname:                        002000F1A2AF

Active:                                No (Lexmark IOP/EOP)
Name:                              LF1A2AF Lexmark Optra T614
Type:                              LaserWriter
Zone:                                     *
Address:                                <Disabled>

Active:                                 Yes
DHCP,BOOTP,RARP Enabled:       NO, NO, No
Address Source:                   Manual
Hostname, WINS Status:            LXKF1A2AF, Unregistered
WINS Server:                 

Active:                                 NO
Login Name:                           !LEX002000F1A2AF
Mode:                                 PSERVER
Network Number:                  00000000
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cant you add the printer to the server by ping then use the server to share across the network?
Albatross1953Author Commented:
There is no network server. They are peer to peer through a managed switch. There is  a server for a Dealer Management System, but the printers are managed on it separately.
what you should do is map the printer to one of the users using the ip and use it that way the only bad thing is the machine has to be turned on to print
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Albatross1953Author Commented:
I'll try that when I go there tomorrow & post the results.
You wrote, that the card reacts on a ping, but on no other network interaction.
Those network cards can have a "restricted ip list", when this is configured, that is exactly the behaviour, meaning, only the address that had been configured will be capable of talking to the card (except for a ping)

To make sure you can try accessing via web browser,
from commandline: finger setup@ip (using the ip of your printer)
and telnet ip 9000

all should provide a reaction, If not, you may try an NVRAM reset on the network card, that will make it "forget" all configuration settings, and remove those restricted ip's.

Here is a copy of some description from a different forum:
The network card (separate or integrated) can sometimes cause these errors. It has it's own separate NVRAM, and can be reset separately.

You will lose all your network settings, of course, so print a network settings page first.

* Power cycle, sometimes this doesn't work after the printer has been on for a while.
(you can disconnect the Network cable as well if you want to be sure).

* dial the Menu to Network Menu, select.
* you should see "Network Option 1" or "STD Network." Select.
* Menu to "Network 1 Setup" or "STD Network Setup", select.
* The Display should show:
STD Network Setup
* Press AND HOLD  ->GO, and hit <Menu (menu left). You'll see "SE Menu".
( can let go of the Go button now...)
* <Menu or Menu> to NVRAM, hit Select.
* <Menu or Menu> to "Reinit NVRAM," hit Select.
* The printer will go back to ready as if nothing happened.
The NVRAM Reset may take a while, if you'd connect the network cable and have a DHCP server, the printer will pull a new IP address and normally print a Network setup page automatically.
If not:
* Print another network settings page.
DO NOT TURN IT OFF until you get the page printed.

If that does not help - you might consider updating the firmware, it seems to be fairly old if you look on the Lexmark Webpage the most recent package I could find is this:

Unpack it and read the readme file. The psw is the flash file which you can just ftp to the network card, once you have connection again.
Hope it helps.

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Albatross1953Author Commented:
The NVRAM reset did the trick. I thought factory defaults would have done that, but  it didn't. Thanks.
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