Creating Public Folders for Exchange 2010

Dear Experts,

I have a Windows 2008 R2 Server with Microsoft Exchange 2010 SP1 installed.

My company has some public addresses for example:, etc.

And some private ones:, etc.

All the above addressed are Active Directory users and Mailbox accounts under MS Exchange.

In my previous installation (MS Exchange 2003 SP2) I could access the public folders (public addresses) using OWA or under public folder icon on every personal outlook installation.

My Question is: Does anybody know how to register the public email addresses in order to be visible under Public Folders folder?

Please find below an example of how it should be configured:
 Public Folders ExampleThanks in advance!
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Not sure what your asking? do you want to mail enable the public folder so that it can receive mail? if so then you can do the following
Enable-MailPublicFolder -Identity "\My Public Folder"

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mamelasAuthor Commented:
Dear Radweld,

Thank you for your prompt reply.

In my Installation under Public Folders folder I can only see two folders.
1) Favorites Folder
2) All Public Folders

Both folders are empty.

As per my screenshot under public folders I would like for example to have one folder INFO which points to
So anybody should access the public folder and see the INFO folder and inside that folder should be all the messages from

So I don’t know if Public Folders are already email-enabled, could you be more specific on what I should do?

mamelasAuthor Commented:

Dear Radweld,

I have created a folder called INFO under Default Public Folder.
I have also mail enabled this folder.
 Public Folder Management ConsoleNow under my personal outlook I could see this folder under Public Folders folder.
 OutlookThen I went to properties and under Email Addresses tab it was already an account:

I tried to Add the email address and I received the below error message:
  Error Message
Seems like the cannot be used as it is already used by the user Info.
As referred early in my post every mailbox is connected with an Active Directory user...

What do you recommend me to do now?
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Create a reliable backup. Make sure you always have dependable copies of your data so you can restore your entire system or individual files.

You only have two options, either rename the account info or use a different name for the public folder. If you wish to change the email address that will be used by the folder, you can remove the tick bock that says "update based on recipient policy" this tick box means the emai address will automatically be populated based on its name and the domain name specified by the recipient policy. The public folder would be called info but the email address needs to be something different.

Alternateively, locate the mailbox or contact thats also configured to use the same name and rename it to something other than info.

Hope this helps.
mamelasAuthor Commented:
I would like to send and receive mails for the using public folders.

This mailbox as already configured contains email messages.

If I delete the Active Directory User can I keep the mailbox and use it as public folder?
If I delete the Active Directory User can I keep the mailbox and use it as public folder?

>> The simple and clear solution would be rename the ad-user
e.g., firstname and lastname the email-address-policy will pick the new
--> so this way you are relasing the old\currently used email address for the public folder.

>> If you want to have the "mail enabled public folders" accessed\accessible from multiple Outlook clients...then *best* is to leave this in the "Public Folder database"

Reason: When you have a mailbox for this purpose, by default we have the MAPI limits to access this mailbox from other profiles
(still you can relax that limit....but additional overhead!)
As I said in my previous post, you have two options, what's the reason the info name is already in use? Did you create a mailbox for this purpose? Ideally you don't want to use public folders because public folders are no longer best practice. If you want to move the mail from the mailbox into the public folder then you can export the mail using outlook or drag and drop mail directly into the public folder. Once all the mails removed from the mailbox you can remove the mailbox and then reuse the email address for the public folder.
mamelasAuthor Commented:

Yes I would like the info and some other addresses to be accessible from multiple outlook clients and OWA.

...then *best* is to leave this in the "Public Folder database"
Sorry but I cannot understand what do you mean..

I use a third-party software and addresses like info are being redirected from Exchange to this.

So info and some other addresses have already emails and are connected with IMAP to the third party software.
I would like to make these addresses to public ones in order to be accessed through Outlook and remote computers using OWA (and because there are many I need the public folders feature).

Could you also explain me why are no longer best practice?
I think the best action you an take here is to make the mailbox a functional or shared mailbox by granting the rights to people who wish to view the messages. This way they can use outlook or owa to view the mailbox.

Really these are your only options. If you don't want to remove the mailbox the public folder cannot use the same address unless you remove the auto update based on recipient policy from the info mailbox and then use the email address on the public folder.

Microsoft are no longer developing public folders and support gets diminished with every release of exchange.

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mamelasAuthor Commented:
Thank you all for your replies.

Season's Greetings!
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