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I have hundreds of records in a table under a column called customerpoid. The records all start with 5500. Example 55001, 55002, 55003 and so on. I know I can do a query to show me all the records that begin with 5500 by using the following:

select * from salesorder
where som_customerpoid like '5500%'

My question is I need to rename all these records with the letter X infront of the records starting with 5500. Example X55001, X55002, X55003. I know how to update these records one by one but is there a way to update all the records beginnig with 5500 to X5500 and if so how? I am a newbie so the simplier the better.
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Ephraim WangoyaCommented:

update salesorder
set som_customerpoid = 'X' + som_customerpoid
where som_customerpoid like '5500%'
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