Creating a cross tab query for a report with multiple values for a column

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to wrap my head around a reporting problem.  I suspect my data may not be corectly organized, but I could use your help.

I have a payroll database that houses the usual suspects...employee name, emp number, date worked, type of hours worked, hours, bonus, cash value, ect.

I will simplify my table for conversation here.  My table consists of employee #, pay type, hours, dollars.  Every data entry has Emp #, pay type (regular, OT, comission, bonus), hours (corresponding to regular or OT pay types), or Dollars (corresponding to commission or bonus). I couldn't combine hours and dollars together as they are different field types.

How can I develop a cross tab query and report to detail out
Row Headings: Employee number
Column Headings: Pay Types
Values: Hours under the corresponding type, and Dollars under the corresponding type.

Cross tab queries will only allow one value set.  Can anyone give me an idea how to construct this report?  I attached a file with a mock up of the data and how I'd like to structure the report.


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Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Commented:
test this query

SELECT yrTable.[Emp ID], Sum(IIf([Pay Type]="Regular",[Hours],0)) AS Regular, Sum(IIf([Pay Type]="Regular Overtime",[Hours],0)) AS [Regular Overtime], Sum(IIf([Pay Type]="Bonus",[Dollars],0)) AS Bonus, Sum(IIf([Pay Type]="Commission",[Dollars],0)) AS Commission
FROM yrTable
GROUP BY yrTable.[Emp ID];

change table/field name accordingly
MCaliebeAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your query suggestion.

I should clarify that my Pay Tpes can grow or shrink depending on what selection is used that week.  For instance, Commission may not be paid every week, however we might have some sick time and vacation time to record.  Cross tab is the only way I know to use a query result for column names.  Unless there is a way to make a dynamic report that will populate the headers based on what is found a the time of query execution.

Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
Just to clarify...

If your ultimate goal is to use a crosstab query as the source for a report, then this may not be easy.

A report will "Hardcode" the fields.

A cross tab query generates the specif fields based on the source data.

So you may get "Field not found" errors when you run the report.

If this requirement is a deal-breaker then you can look into using a solution like this: 

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