Dynamic Cache Service - Server 2008 R2

I have a 64bit Windows Server 2008 R2 standard. At first I thought I had a memory leak but upon using the RAMMap program I found that the MetaFile (MFT) was using 30 of my 32 gigs of RAM. My server performs off-site backup and has terabytes of data on it so there is millions of files and lots of I/O cache but we've got good disks and controllers but I digress. I also learned that in Server 2008 R2 the Dynamic Cache Service no longer exists as it did in 2008 standard. I've have tried to get this to work on 2008 R2 but when you try to start the service it gives an error saying it was designed for previous version of Windows which I knew ahead of time but thought I would try anyways.

My question is does any have similar problems where the MetaFile is using all of your available RAM? And if so how did you resolve this issue? Because according to Microsofts documentation this is not a bug, its a feature.
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