keep previous data from displaying in a html text box

Hopefully I can explain this, I have a php page that submits a form to itself.  I am using a scanner to enter numbers from barcodes into a text field and then submitting the form.  When I scan a unique number the form works fine.  When I scan a number I have scanned before, a list pops up of the number scanned and then the enter selects the number from the list and form is unsubmitted.  I have no idea what is doing this, but I run into the same problem with IE8 on winXP and the default browser on an android tablet so I am thinking I need to code something to prevent it.  Any ideas on a solution would be welcomed.
James Stonewarehouse managerAsked:
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Those are your browser autofill preferences - you have to disable them on the client side - you can't code around it on the server side unless the name of the form field changed every time (very inconvenient for programming!)
You could try to use the autofill property in the input, and see if its the behavior your looking for

<input autocomplete="off"  

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James Stonewarehouse managerAuthor Commented:
I didn't know that property even existed!  And it worked (the list still shows, but it ignores it) -- I am HOPPY!
Wow, me either.  Impressive, venloft.
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