Granting permissions to mailbox on folder level

Hi All

We are running Exchange 2007 SP3.

The Marketing dept. have a new mailbox that they use named "Marketing Ideas". Essentially, within this mailbox there are different folders for each department in our company - Software, Financial Software, New Sales etc. Each folder can then have different sub-folders.

Marketing people have asked us in IT if it possible to grant permissions on a folder level to this mailbox, rather than give people Full Mailbox Access. Therefore, staff in New Sales can only have access to the New Sales folder (and any subfolders), for example, only and can't see any other folders such as Software.

Is this possible?
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RadweldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm pretty sure you can use PFDAVADMIN for this although I have personally not tried to do what your trying to do. Read both parts of this blog, download the tool and have a look to see if it will do what you want.

You need to run this from a Windows 2003 server or Windows XP.
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