My Group Policy Preferences options regarding Power Plans for Windows 7 are incomplete. Why?

Folks -

I believe I have all the latest ADMX files in my Group Policy definitions store and I've noticed that if you navigate into the Group Policy Preferences (GPP) area for Power Options under Computer Configuration and attempt to create a "Power Plan" as if you're going to deploy it to Windows 7, the options you are able to set are incomplete.

For instance... a number of power options exist on Windows 7 such as "Dim display after", "Display brightness", "Dimmed display brightness", and plenty more, are nowhere to be found.

To further compound issues, some options appear in the GPP interface that do NOT appear on the client, anywhere.  For instance, "Adaptive Display".

Am I missing something here?  The options you can set in GPP are incomplete and inconsistent with what I find in the Power Options Control Panel applet on Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7.

Any input is appreciated.  Thanks in advance.
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The options are complete however some options are only applicable to particular system like gp may not be applicable to xp machines. You can copy the particular admx files from server 2008 to win 7 client machine [%SystemRoot%\SYSTEM32\GroupPolicy] if you want to manage them from win7.

Navdeep [v-2nas]
amendalaAuthor Commented:
I disagree that the options are complete.  The concept of a "Power Plan" is specific to Windows Vista and later versions of Windows, including 7 and Server 2008/Server 2008 R2.  Therefore, if I'm creating a "Power Plan", XP is already excluded by default.  If you deploy a GPO with a Power Plan to an XP machine, nothing will happen.  The GPO compiler won't even do anything with it.

The ADMX files I have in my central policy store (PolicyDefinitions) within SYSVOL contain all the ADMX/ADML files for Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7.  The ones I'm using can be found here:

There should be no need to copy any ADMX files to a client.

The Group Policy Management Console I'm using is on a Server 2008 R2 domain controller so there are no concerns about RSAT versions either.
Do you mean that you don't see the following options under server 2008 r2 gpp, although these options do exist on window 7.

For instance... a number of power options exist on Windows 7 such as "Dim display after", "Display brightness", "Dimmed display brightness", and plenty more, are nowhere to be found.

amendalaAuthor Commented:
To be clear, I'm speaking solely from the standpoint of "Preferences" here.  I've found that the list of available power options in the Administrative Templates section is fairly complete.  Still not fully complete, but it has a lot more than the Preferences section of Group Policy does.

This is very inconsistent and confusing on the part of Microsoft.  They allow various settings to be configured in Preferences and others in the Administrative Templates area.  One offers more flexibility than the other but neither are fully complete.  For instance, both sections lack the "Link state power management" section and the "PCI Express" section.

What I'm finding is that in Preferences, regardless of what machine I use (Server 2008 R2, Windows 7), the options are incomplete.

I've spoken with a Premier support rep and found that indeed, the options are incomplete.  They don't consider it a bug, but something that needs improving.  Closing this question as there is no viable solution.

I appreciate your time.

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amendalaAuthor Commented:
No viable solution.  It's a by-design behavior that while flawed, is not fixable.
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