How to have iPad Exchange mail and Outlook on PC sync?

When I delete a message on my iPad (Exchange for iPad) I want this message to also be deleted in my outlook which is on my laptop.  What all needs to be configured to make this happen?  Thanks.
amigan_99Network EngineerAsked:
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IT-Monkey-DaveConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you set up an Exchange-type account on the iPad to access your corporate email, there is no option in iOS to select whether or not deleting an email on the iPad deletes the msg from the server.  Sync of the iPad to Exchange is automatic: Deleting an email via the iPad deletes it from Exchange, which should remove it from Outlook.

Now if you're using some other type of connector on the iPad, like IMAP or POP, you can specify whether deleting the mail on the iPad deletes it from the server, or leaves a copy there.
Is it possible Outlook is running in cached mode and not updating promptly when you take action on the iPad like deleting an email?  Does the deleted message go away if you click on the Send/Receive button in Outlook?
Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
If you are using an Exchange account on both the iPad and Outlook then the two should be in sync with each other.

If you are using Exchange on the iPad and SMTP / POP3 on Outlook (or vice-versa), then they will never be in sync.

What do you have configured on both the iPad and Outlook?
amigan_99Network EngineerAuthor Commented:
It was an executive iD10t problem.  Thanks for the insight how it should run.
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