CPU at 100% causes EIGRP neighborships to go down?

We attached a device to an access switch that caused loops and the CPU utilization on the distribution switch went to 100% and the EIGRP neighbors started flapping up and down. The neighbors going down is a side effect of the high CPU utilization caused by the layer 2 loops?

Can I safely assume the high CPU utilization is what caused the EIGRP neighbors to go down?
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Yes and no, your cause will be the loop, high CPU would just cause the neighbor to time out not flap. The reason it sounds like it is flapping is because you have 2 routes to the same location so EIGRP cannot settle, high CPU would just cause it to disconnect.

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I would say it is directly related since there is a high probability that some hello packets are lost and the neighbor relationship is torn down after the hold timer expires.
There's a couple of issues. The router is at 100% so it can't manage the EIGRP hello's sent and received. If it does manage to send hello's they may not reach the other router because of the loop.
At 100% utilization any thing can be possible ...
even u r H/W can be crashed ...so first eliminate looping issues ...
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