Force a change in public IP

Here's the scenario.  

1. A website of interest offers up public domain data free of charge.  
2. It cuts off the user off at 50 records.  
3. I believe it's identifying the user by public IP.  

Is it possible to force your ISP to give you a new IP?  Here's my idea:

1. Harvest 50 records.  
2. Swap IPs
3. Harvest 50 more records.
4. Swap IPs
5. ...

If someone wants to suggest a different approach to this challenge, I'm open to ideas.
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disconnect power and data cable from your router, wait a couple minutes.. plug everything back on...
Change the mac address of your router.  Linksys/Cisco allows you to do a mac address clone.  You may have to reboot your ISP modem as well.   This works for time warner for sure.

If you just disconnect the data and power, you will likely still pull the same dhcp lease unless your DHCP lease happens to expire in that couple of minutes.

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jdanaAuthor Commented:

Your approach is along the lines of mine.  Here's the kicker, I'd like my PHP curl data harvester app to send a "reset MAC address" command to my Linksys/Cisco so I don't have to reboot after each 50 records.  (I know I'm asking a lot, but someone out there must be doing this.)

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Ahh ok.  You didnt state that in your original request.

I am not sure if you can do it with the default firmware on the linksys.  You may have to load DDRWT.  If you do load DDRWT , check out this script
DDWRT... sorry for my misspelling
jdanaAuthor Commented:

I've heard mixed messages on DDWRT. Some folks love it, some hate it.  Your thoughts?

I ran earlier versons on an older linksys I had and liked it.  Now that I think about it, I believe that router is what is still running my mother's internet connection lol.  

 I think the biggest complaints now revolve around the 5ghz wireless antennas, however, I think they are making progress on that development.   I would check out the message boards  and see what others say.

You could always try it out and revert back (at least on some models) to the default firmware if you do not like it
dd-wrt will let you do almost everything you want.... as long as you know how to do it.. it just takes some time and patience...

you won't find online all the scripts available for copy-pasting to unleash every function, there are many useful scripts available, but not everything

@getzjd: - they have paid versions of dd-wrt available for newer routers that run on that frequency and "others"
jdanaAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the great feedback.
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