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Have a PC that had a vicious batch of malware on it. Got the problems off, rebooted the machine, and rescanned for any pieces left over. Rebooted again, but now when I go to connect to the internet, I get nothing, IE, Firefox, and Opera are all on the machine. Its using a static IP - and a gateway/dns of  When I attempt to repair the connection  it  gives me the failed to register with DNS - see your network admin.  I've run the LSTfix, ran a windows repair install. Still not working. Anyone have anything else to check/try?  The card works fine, I have complete access on the machine if I boot to a <Admin Edit> USB, so it's definitely a windows problem.


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You need to check the dns server logs to see why it is being rejected.  Most likely there is already a similiar entry in the dns for your host but a parameter has changed since the repair.


The DNS server is simply a Netopia 3000 Router. It's a single PC network. I'll check if there are any log files on the device tomorrow though. Strange that the router would hand a connection via DHCP to the generic <Admin Edit> client, but not to the NIC in the PC.
Change your network settings to not notify DNS of changes. (Register this connection's address in DNS)

Control Panel/Network Connections/Your network interface/Internet Protocol - TCPIP Properties/Advanced/DNS

and ensure the last two checkboxes are unchecked.

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