Existing 2000 AD structure to be replaced with a 2008r2 standard AD

I have a new client with a system currently running MS 2000 OS with AD, DNS, and DHCP along with file and printer sharing all in one failing box.  Typical scenario of walking in and nothing has been to the box for over 5 years and before that not much was done for at least ??.  Oldey but goody right.  Atleast the client admits the neglect and now I inherit the job of upgrading to something new.  I am up for the challenge.

Now 1 drive of the 2 in a RAID 1 config has failed and the box is ancient.  I have the system back up and running, for how long anyones guess, and the WINDOWS backups they have been doing for years will NOT restore.  Figures right.!

We will be upgrading from this OS and box to a new box and OS and our maintenance plan with DR and Monitoring :-)

I am thinking of adding 2008 in as a secondary AD/DNS and allowing replication to happen.  Once replication has happened I will then upgrade the structure to 2003 or above and then promote to be the master for the DNS.  Manual move of files and directories would be best as there was no security so we will be changing that as we go and a few custom apps with databases to move.

Never tried to go from 2000 to 2008.  Questions.
1.  will 2000 replicate to 2008?
2.  Any oddities that come up along the way that I should look for?

Found this source and it is pretty much the same process I followed when going from 2003 to 2008 several times now and all has been good in those situations.  

How to migrate DNS

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Mike KlineCommented:
1.  Yes 2000 will replicate to 2008 or 2003.  Try to get a second DC up as soon as possible

Some more steps in a question I helped with  http://www.experts-exchange.com/Software/Server_Software/File_Servers/Active_Directory/Q_27195917.html

2.  Make sure you prep with adprep32

The process is the same as going from 2003 to 2008 so you should be good to go.


SandeshdubeySenior Server EngineerCommented:
Yes 2008DC will replicate with 2003/2008 DC.Refer below step before you proceed with migration.

There are a couple of very important considerations, that you should have in mind, before you proceed with your migration scenario.
--Check, and raise, if necessary, the Domain and Forest functional levels. You cannot upgrade directly from Windows 2000 mixed, or Windows Server 2003 interim domain functional levels.

--The first Windows Server 2008 Domain Controller in the forest must be a Global Catalog Server, and it cannot be a Read Only Domain Controller, RODC.

--Check the FSMO roles assignments. When you prepare the existing AD, you should run adprep /forestprep on the Schema operations master, and adprep /domainprep /gpprep on the infrastructure master.In your case as there is a single Dc you need to run on the same server.
Steps to Install Windows 2008  DC

1.First prepare the domain.
Insert Win 2008 DVD on windows 2000 DC and execute adprep as below
Ran D:\2008DVD\Support\Adprep\adprep32.exe /forestprep on the server holding the Schema Master role.
Ran D:\2008DVD\Support\Adprep\adprep32.exe /domainprep /gpprep on the server holding the domain master role.
Reference article:http://www.petri.co.il/prepare-for-server-2008-r2-domain-controller.htm

2.Install DNS role in win2k8
Reference KB article:http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc725925.aspx

3.Once DNS role is installed.Ran dcpromo on win2k8.
Reference KB article:http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc753720(WS.10).aspx

4.After the Win2k8 Dc promotion is completed restart the win2k8 DC.

5.You must transfer the FSMO roles to the 2008 machine then the process is as outlined at http://www.petri.co.il/transferring_fsmo_roles.htm

6.Ran dcdiag /q and repadmin /replsum on DC to check for any errors.

7.Change all of the client(and the new 2008 DC itself), to point to the 2008 DC for their preferred DNS server this may be in DHCP options or the TCP/IP settings.

Reference link:

Hope this helps


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X-spookAuthor Commented:
Thank you to all for the informamtion.
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