List active IP phones - NEC NEAX 2000

I have recently taken over managing an NEC NEAX 2000 IVS.
There are 200 Extensions setup on this system but nowhere near as many handsets.
I have tried to setup a couple of new phones (IP Dterm) on unused extensions but they are coming up as “double assignment”.

I know how to fix the double assignment issue, but is there a way to report on IP phones that are currently active or extension numbers that are configured but do not have an active IP phone associated?

I would like to mark all spare extensions for future use.

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JRSCGIConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No - that is the only way to do it.  As I mentioed, MATWorX is the only method to get a report, and as you found out, the only way you can manipulate it is in a spreadsheet.
Is this an NEC 2400 or an NEC 2000?  Different adminstration front ends.
APNFSSCAuthor Commented:
I am fairly sure that it is a NEC 2000 IVS.

Just realised that my title is incorrect, is it possible to edit my original post?
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not sure about title, but it may not matter.
I am more familiar the 2400 than the 2000, but I am pretty sure the NEC 2000 IVS did not support IP phones (only digital) - is it possible that you have an NEC 2000 IPS?
APNFSSCAuthor Commented:
It is possible but I am unsure how to confirm, I definitely have IP phone connected to the system.
With the NEC 2000, the only way to run reports on what is programmed is with a software program called MATWorX that NEC provided in most cases.  Do you have this?  Do you have the command manual for it?
Otherwise, you are stuck with going through an entry at a time to look up what is in there and making hand written notes.  Ugh.
APNFSSCAuthor Commented:
I ended up using MATWorX to do an Office Data Listup on Stations.
The CSV that was created showed data for 1290, this field contains the MAC address of registered IP phones.
I then sorted it in Excel and found all of the extensions with no MAC address.

Worked for me, not sure if there was a better way to do it.

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