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I have a server application where I need a directory watcher.  I have seen several but they all use some MFC functions.  As I understand it MFC can cause a problem in a service.  Is this True?  Assuming it is how do I replace the CArray and the other mfc functins.  Could you point me to a file watcher that does not use mfc functions.
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Is MFC statically linked or dynamically linked in your application.  If it is statically linked, it shouldn't be a problem.  You could even run it on a win95 system and it will still work.

CStrings are now in the ATL library: not MFC.
you could replace CArray by std::vector what gives you additional functionality and stability.

the CString could be replaced by std::string or std::wstring depending on whether ANSI or UTF16 characterset was used in the mfc project.

Think it depends on whether the CStrings are just used as strings or whether the specialized MFC features like formatting are used.
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