Domain Access Via VPN using DHCP

I want to setup clients to log into the D/C which will be house in a remote location. Here is how I'm thinking of configuring it.

Site 1, where the workstation will be setup ( office ) will have internet connection.
Site 2 where the Server will be setup ( remote location ) also has internet connection.
Both routers will be R1542 compliant ( meaning that the router in the office will pass request for DHCP over to the  off site remote Server. no need for relay agent.
Both routers will communicate with each other via VPN.

so far I got that straight in my mind, here is where I need a little help.
I'm assuming that in order to get an sign DCHP IP address from the router where the server is  ( remote location ) I would need to turn off the DCHP service on the router in the ( office ).
I'm I correct???

I'm also assuming that by having both router communicating via VPN that the client ( office workstations ) can request an IP address from the remote DCHP.  this will allow me to join then to the same domain. I'm I correct???

Thank you for all of your help....
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DHCP has nothing to do with Domain memberships. As long as different networks can talk to each other, you can add them to your AD domain.
You will need to understand how DHCP works a little better.
The workstations in a site will sent a broadcast to it's OWN network to find a DHCP server, which means the DHCP server will need to be in the same network unless you have some mechanism (dhcp relay agent is one) to pass the broadcast traffic through your routers to the other network which is an overkill
noadAuthor Commented:
I know how DHCP works, if you are talking about DORA, ect... 8 day lease and so on.
My point is that there will only be workstations in the office site, no Srv, just router, switch and internet connect and printer, scanner.
You can't have 2 DCHP on the same network, that is why I'm asking if the routers DHCP in the Office should be turned off.
As for the relay agent, no there will be none, that is why I said that the routers are both R1542, which means that they will pass broadcast traffic.

I want to join the workstations in the office to the domain in the remote location. that is my goal.
what would be the best and most simple way?

Thanks you...
Setup a VPN tunnel between the offices. that will solve all your issues

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noadAuthor Commented:
Leave the DHCP on  in both routers?
What IP address will the workstations use?
The IP on the office side will be and in the office side
So when I join the workstations to the domain in the
remote location what IP will it use?
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