Sharepoint 2010 Performance Appraisal system Solution Architecture or plan

Hi all,

I have 2 questions..

1st.... In any document library in SP 2010,   if I created a folder structure more than 1 level , then I can't  acces those file ?(...anything .png,.jsp,.css anything) moss 2007, it was possible.

2nd... I am creating a Performance appraisal system in sharepoint 2010.

As of now i am planning to create a single library for each & every single user ?

But what if there are around 300 users in organisation, then if HR sees the viewallsitecontent--> then it will be horrible view?

So if i plan to  create a Single Library->with Folder inside for every employee-> then will it be feasible or not ?

(see for ref...  "Building Content Type Solutions in SharePoint 2007" they have choosen to create a single library for each user)

So dont know any good plan to start !!!!!

 (Dashboard anything is possible there easily?????)

Thanks a lot  in advance  !!!
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martushaProduct managerCommented:
1st:  Yes, you can access files in all folders in the library (not only the 1rst level). Also you can configure views to show different field in any level of folders. It is in Folder option when creating or modifying view. (Bus first you have to create Folder content types).
What about file extensions - if you can upload it - you can see it. (check alowed files types in CA)

2nd: I preffer one library with folders (or document sets) for every user. It is more comfotable to your HR to search in this library, and to navigate. Also you can modify permissions in every folder (If user do not have permissions to that folder - he does not see it at all), so users can see just their own folders and HR can see all.
But you must think about managing "large library", if you going to have more than 5000 docs in it. I have some libraries with more then 300000 dosc, splitted by folders, views and so on. So it is not trouble.

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Clay FoxDirector of Business IntegrationCommented:
I would recommend a database backend.  SharePoint has a flat file structure for speed but it does not work well for an employee database.
Host the form in Sharepoint but then lookup employees within, create the multiple repeating elemenets in database tables, and submit and look up the next one.

You have manager relationships to keep track of, notes, when they met to review, schedules, etc just way to much interrelated data to handle in SharePoint.  It would be a nightmare to secure and security and confidentiality are paramount. Also would not perform very well and be awful for the users to navigate. and have tools and more posts on best practice.
sharepointDepotAuthor Commented:
Thanks all,

Please give me 1st answer,

If i created a folder structure and store data (any data), then if i click on it, it is giving page not found error !

See image attached  !
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sharepointDepotAuthor Commented:

please give me some time i just come to 2 nd part (Library) .

I have increased p to 250 .
martushaProduct managerCommented:
It tries to open yuor jquery file with IE.
Please check Library settings ->Advanced setting -> Default open behavior for browser-enabled documents
Try with selected "Open in the client application" option.

Also this link may can help you:;en-us;162059 
sharepointDepotAuthor Commented:
Hi, Thanks,
 but now i am getting save dialog box when i am clicking that file, it means now file is picked up.
so don't know what was the issue before but now it works today automatically....why not previously, don't know????

Thanks !

Could you suggest any idea on the storage of  Appraisal data & later  showing dashboards for analysis purpose !!
martushaProduct managerCommented:
The simple way to store in a lists and use codeplex solutions for dashboadrs. for example lite this: 

If you have enterprise edition you can use Excel services, PerfomancePoint and so on..

PS: If you find best solution for storage of appraisal data and showing it in dashboards, drop me a line please, because I searching for such ideas too... Thanks! :)
sharepointDepotAuthor Commented:
Thanks all,
 yes sure martusa !
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