Database is corrupt; cannot allocate space lotus notes error message


An user cannot open his mailbox lotus notes, he is having message ' database corrupt, cannot allocate space ". This happens very often, espescially when he logs in the morning.
I can able to fix this, by running, the commande ' load fixup mail\user.nsf"  and sometimes correct by selecting his database from the server console by activating,  but it fixes the issue temproarily. After couple of days, he gets the same message again. This user receives large quantity of mails with attachments. I also increased his quota.

any ideas to fix this issue permanently
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Reoccurring corruption is usually caused by a corrupted note (could be a design note or a data document) in the db.

Run these 2 maintenance tasks:

load compact -c -i mailfolder\mailfile.nsf

Open in new window

-> it will create a new copy of the database, document by document, skipping all possibly corrupt docs in the process


load fixup -F -J mailfolder\mailfile.nsf

Open in new window

If the files are in use and the above commands aren't performed, issue "dbcache flush" command at the server console to release it; you can also try "drop all" to drop all cached user sessions, in case it's being opened by the owner.

You can also try:
- if the db is full text indexed, recreate the index
- replace the database design

If you have a clustered environment, many times the corruption will occur on a single cluster server, so you can fix it by removing the db and recreating it from the healthy cluster replica.
fix the corrupt doc as above but overall issue could be disk IO on the server causing the corruption in the firstplace.
Ensure that database properties are set to compress attachments using LZ and also compress documents and design.
Then compact document using -c switch to create a new copy and compact all exisiting docs and attachments.

Also look at enabling DAOS if version R8.5.2+
This will move attachments seperately into the file system and reduce overall Disk IO.
things to check:
- diskspace on the drive holding the datadirectory
- diskspace on the drive holding the tempdirectory
- virusscanner that interferes with notes
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kriiisAuthor Commented:
Thnx for the reply larsberntrop,

This happens for only one user account, not for all of them.
Do you think it is really need to check diskspace on the server ?
naa. But it could be the users computer. also, it might not be a space issue on the data drive, but the temp drive.  that is sometimes forgotten...
kriiisAuthor Commented:
use mean the temp folder in user account ?
This is interesting, cause this user particularly receives lot of attachments daily from outside, this means emptying the temp folder will solve the issue ?
Is there any possible solution to allocating him more space on temp folder ?
In Addition to the Maintainance Tasks mentioned by coahlex

1.load fixup -F -J mailfolder\mailfile.nsf
2.load compact -c -i mailfolder\mailfile.nsf

Please issue the following command also

load updall -R mailfolder\mailfile.nsf

This will update and rebuilt all the corrupted views in the mail database
kriiisAuthor Commented:
sorry for this delay,

I tried these options but in vain.

Again he had the error message this morning, but different " another user is using the database " Which is not the case.

When i try to open his mail from people menu as administrator i get the message " Notes error : document invalid or inexistant " and when i try to open the mail file directly , i get the same message as user " another user is using the database ".

Any ideas how to fix this ?

If this can't be fixed what are the alternative ways for this user ? ( such as creating a new mail database so that he can contiue to receive emails.... .)

Thanks for your reply
If you are receiving the error "Invalid or non existant document".Issue the following commands from the console:

Load Fixup mail\username.nsf -f -n
Load Compact mail\username.nsf -c -d -i
Load Updall mail\username.nsf -r

If you still receive the error "Error compacting mail\mailfile.nsf: Database is currently in use by you or another user",then the best way is to reboot the server and issue these commands once again.

If you can't afford a Server Restart then take the database offline and issue the following commands:

nfixup mail\username.nsf -f -n
ncompact mail\username.nsf -c -d -i
nupdall mail\username.nsf -r
Once we have done the maintance tasks in the offline mode..,replace the fixed up copy with the original in the Server.

Hope this will resolve the issue

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kriiisAuthor Commented:
Thanks anoop for your quick reply

How can i take database to offline ?

Before posting my previous comment, i tried restart the server windows where the lotus notes is installed. If you want to restart the server domino, to be honest i dont know how to do that :( i need your help.

( Further information : when i activate the server console domino ( in main server ) , it executes plenty of tasks , i dont what they are and the command that i entered load fixup -F -J mailfolder\mailfile.nsf, doesnt executed. any ideas what they could be ? )
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