Problem importing Internet Explorer Favourites in to Google Chrome

I wanted to give Chrome a try on my XP PC but I just can't get my Internet Explorer Favourites in to it.  I've tried going to the built in Import From Another Browser within Chrome, followed the procedure to the letter but at the end the "Successfully Imported" dialog appears immediately after I click Import and nothing is actually imported.  I've also tried the Bookmark Manager's import of an HTML file without success.  IE will export the Faves but as an HTM file which the Bookmark Manager doesn't see.  I tried renaming the file to HTML and the Manager sees it but again, although it goes on to claim Success nothing is imported.

I've tried the built in Import on a test XP PC and it worked fine. Strange.

Any idea why it's failing on the other PC?
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Hello funasset,

Try to first deleting the %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Favicons file helped instantly!


Delete the "Favicons" file. Restart Chrome and re-visit links - the icons should re-appear.

Then try to import IE favorites again.

goog luck

funassetAuthor Commented:
Thanks - I will try this later and report back.
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funassetAuthor Commented:
BTW - the link you kindly posted doesn't appear to work for me.
funassetAuthor Commented:
Yes, that one works thank you. So you think the Import might be failing because of that file being corrupted in some way?

Yes, as you can see on the web page that I send a hyperlink. This is a quite great problem for Google Chrome and a shame for Google as a company.

Well, read problems that these people had with Favorites and icons, so you will know.


Of course you can first Backup up this Folder in a case that something going wrong.
funassetAuthor Commented:
Sorry but that didn't work.  Still the same thing - I think this is an omen to stick with IE!!
funassetAuthor Commented:
I got around it by first importing my IE favourites in to Firefox and then exporting them to HTML from there. Chrome will then import that HTML file OK.

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funassetAuthor Commented:
This worked for me.

No, I will solve this. But I would like that you go with me step by step. It will be very easy.

Listen .. you have a installed Google Chrome. But, what do you think about to download another Google Chrome that is PORTABLE and that need NOT installation.

I will give you a link for this Portable version 16:

Everything you need is to extract this into an empty folder and start file ChromeLoader.exe.

Then you can browse through the Internet and THEN try to Import a Favorites from IE.

And of course you will go before that in option and check the small boxes like is on this image:

 GC Portable
And please, don't give up immediately.

best regards

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