How can i reference a branching output to my current project in TFS 2010

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There is a project A in team server with a lot of branch-release
In my current project B, i would like to add a reference to the output of a specific branch of the project A.

How can i do that in TFS2010?

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I do not have a lot of experience with TFS but my understanding is that you can only reference the project output within the same solution.
TFS maintains the source code of ProjectA but not the output which most likely is a DLL..

When you build ProjectA, the output dll is copied to the Build Drop Folder if you select that option. The Drop folder is listed in the Build Definition-Build Defaults. To see that, open Team Explorer and right-click the branch and select Edit-Build-Definition and then Build Defaults tab.

If the Drop folder is already set, ProjectB could refrence the 'output' dll there.

Its always better to have a source code Project reference rather than a DLL reference if you own the source code to Project A. That helps with Version checking when you tag the release.


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