Configuring IP SLA on Cisco 3825

   I am looking to set up IP SLA to monitor my WAN performance.  Its a converged network so I would like to have some assurance on the VOIP traffic.  The router is running IOS 15.1(4), but the IP SLA commands that I would expect to see are not there.  I followed a Cisco document as well, but they just aren't there. The only subcommands I have under ip sla are key-chain, responder and server.  And the only thing under server is twamp.  According the documentation, I should be able to set up ip sla auto (and further subcommands).  This is the base IOS, but I have found nothing online that says ip sla is not included in the base IOS.  Any assistance would be appreciated.
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I had a quick peek at the Cisco feature navigator ( and I couldn't see it listed for that IOS version / Router and given the commands available I would say it's not available.
sometimes it can be "ip monitor sla" on older IOS's - does this help ?
sorry got that the wrong way round, I meant "ip sla monitor" and then "ip sla monitor schedule".  Sometimes the "monitor" keyword is required sometimes not.

Have a look at the rtr set of commands. This is the same as ip sla.
lbicher56Author Commented:
It turns out that the base IOS does not have the ip sla capabilities I thought it would and the feature guide here confirms that.
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