.NET does not apply on gridview in a published view

I am using a gridview with the following styling.
<RowStyle BackColor="#edf9cd" BorderWidth="2px" BorderStyle="Solid"
                                    ForeColor="Black"  />

When run through the ide locally the style is visible and each row gets the appropriate style.
When I view a published version it does not.  At first I thought there was an issue replacing the published files with newer ones but after deleting all the published folders, republishing and viewing the output source from the published site the styling is clearly visible and yet it does not render the styling.  Note: the styling is rendered inline so the fault does not relate to linking issues with CSS style sheets.

Any obvious reasons for this?
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two thought:
look at @Page directive and inside web config: if you ever applied a theme, you could have matter in overriding: standard themes override styles on the page, StyleSheet themes are overridden by styles on the page (look here for further reference: http://www.murraymac.net/70528/CustomizingWebApplications.aspx )
look at generated html to see if there is anything that could make the style not working correctly (an invalid char somewhere for example) or that could override id (ie: a class selector you forgot you added somewhere in your serverside code)

a hint:
if nothin else works, try add  "display: table;" to the style for the gridview
dgloverukAuthor Commented:
No luck on those points.  I cleared out lots of CSS styles references to the header section.
I havn't applied a theme so could not find the @Page directive anywhere in the solution or the web config.
No invalid chars.
The code is being published with FULL delete on server side and I've deleted it manually myself just to be sure.  As stated the output HTML looks like it SHOULD work and carries the right style.

I tried the display:table; in the CCS but this also didn't work.

A little more that might give a clue... this is the webpage that is being output :
as you can see the rowstyle DOES produce the border and so works.
However viewing this website through the intranet server page does not produce the border (even though the page has the same source files and is being served by the same server and is being viewed in the same browser).

thanks for your help so far.
>as you can see the rowstyle DOES produce the border and so works.
>However viewing this website through the intranet server page does not produce the border
>(even though the page has the same source files and is being served by the same server
>and is being viewed in the same browser

Wait. You already made it works, so it must be a difference between internet and intranet settings (probably not of your boewser but of the server itself). Could you ask to server Admins?
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dgloverukAuthor Commented:
I am the server admin :)

I am not aware of any settings which would affect this.

If it were a trust issue I would have expected it to have NOT viewed the CSS via the external address correctly as opposed to not viewing the internal view correctly.
i forgot about the quirk mode and the meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=8"
see links. However, as you are admin, look also at the second suggestment, there...

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dgloverukAuthor Commented:
This solved the problem!
Excellent job, that would have been a needle in a haystack for me.
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