DMZ Forwarding

I have a customer using hsbc invoice finance, It's basically a website for doing accounts and has always worked.

we have installed a new Draytek 2820n to replace their netgear and all of a sudden the above site no longer works. This is the only site they have an issue with.

the customer spoke to HSBC and they took control of the customers machine and did the following:

1) set a static IP
2) setup the PC as DMZ host on the Draytek

The HSBS site now works, however i cant keep the PC as the DMZ host - it's just a website so I cant think of any other ways to forward the traffic

thanks in advance!

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davealfordIt SupportCommented:
Do a netstat on the PC and discover what ports are being used. Have you configured any firewalling/port restrictions in the Draytek?

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GorooAuthor Commented:
Hi Dave,

Will try a netstat now, havent used it before but will give it a quick google and come back.

Their is no restrictions on the Draytek, only a few port forwarding rules to the server (smtp etc)

GorooAuthor Commented:
netstat info:

  TCP    Joanne:2455    ESTABLISHED
  TCP    Joanne:2457    ESTABLISHED
  TCP    Joanne:2458    ESTABLISHED
  TCP    Joanne:2459    ESTABLISHED
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i guess you need to forward the 443 port on the daytrek to the static ip you gave the HSBC site and you're good
GorooAuthor Commented:
I've forwarded port 443 to her machine and it works, but this focourse only allows it to work if she

a) has a static IP
b) is the only one that needs to use it

if i plug the old router in it works for everyone without any port forwarding

GorooAuthor Commented:
OK, i had turn https:// management off the router and go with standard http

will share the points between both of you as you both helped me come to a fix
davealfordIt SupportCommented:
you can change the HTTPS management port on the Draytek - I tend to use 10443 ('cos my Endian's use that port by default!). You could also enable uPNP and give that a try - it should open up ports as required by the PCs - if the old router was a Netgear DG844, uPNP is enabled by default - it's not on by default on  the Draytek
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