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The attached .bat file is called from a .vns script & all works fine. I was wondering, is there any way for me to edit this code so a instalation complete box will pop up at the end? Basically, I just need something to pop up at the end when the setup.exe finishes running to let my users know it is finished. As of now, once it is finished, it just goes away....The first code is the batch file that is called, the second code is the vbscript that calls the batch file. thanks for any input.
\\myserver\path\setup.exe /s /a /s /v"/qn+"

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set oShell= Wscript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell") 

oShell.Run "runas /user:mydomain\administrator ""\\myserver\path\batchfile.bat"""
WScript.Sleep 100 

oShell.Popup "Please wait while the instalation begins.....",6,"Technology Team",0+64 

oShell.Sendkeys "password" & vbCr


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oBdAConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try to change your batch file to this:
start /wait \\myserver\path\setup.exe /s /a /s /v"/qn+"
msg.exe * "Installation complete"

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