Symantec antivirus... full scan not running on client

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I have an server/client environment set up for my Symantec antivirus (ver 11)
On the Symantec server, I have a policy setup to run a full scan an each client once a week.
I have about 40 clients. For some reason I have two computers on which the full scan does not run.
If I open up the Symantec Endpoint Protection window on the client and look under upcoming scans it shows that its scheduled, but when that day and time comes it just skips it and shows it as being scheduled for the following week. I get no errors msg. I tried turning off the firewall but that made no difference.
If I try to do a manual full scan on that client, it works fine.
Any idea what could be causing the scan not to run????
(One additional note. One of the clients is running windows xp an the other is running windows 7)
thanks in advance.

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I would assume in all cases you have admin rights on the machines?

You have a XP machine and a Win  machine having the same problem but other machines with the same OS have no issues?

I would try unloading Nortons remotely through the console "making sure all reg entries are delete" rebooting and then push the install back out.
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For the two clients in question, do a full uninstall of Symantec AV. Make sure it uninstalls completely and properly. There is a removal tool (varies by version) on the Symantec Support Site if you need it.

Restart, reinstall Full and in Managed Mode and then see if it updates according to the Server schedule. You may need to re-add the computers to the Server management.  

.... Thinkpads_User
Any feedback on the possible resolutions above?
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Hello woods1981.
I've re-installed the client. The full office scan is scheduled to run today at noon. I will keep you posted to let you know if the scan runs now on those two workstations.

great   GL


Hey Woods1981... looks like it worked..
thank-you to you and thinkpads_user for your suggestions.

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