Outlook exe. bad image error?

I have a client running windows 7 with office 2010 installed. Office has stopped working all of a sudden. when you click on any office program you recieve the following error message. Outlook (or othr program name) bad image.  C: program files (path) mso.dll is either not designed to run on windows or it contains an error. try installing the program again using original installation media or contact your support vendoer.  You also cannot access the control panel you recieve an error message. I was able to get into the programs list using the command, however when I try to uninstall office to reinstall it I get an error message. I scanned with avg, malware bytes, spybot, and did remove 1 trojan horse, but this did not resolve the issue. Anyone know how to fix this?
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Seems to me that several files are damaged, you can try todo a system restore, or else you have to reinstall windows, especially since your configuration screen doe snot function
CJ27Author Commented:
It was malware. It was removed and office was uninstalled then reinstalled and fixed problem.
I just had a very similar issue.  Every time Outlook, Excel or Skype for business was opened, I would get a bad image error for c:\windows\system32\mctu.dll.  I found that the user was using a USB to VGA external video card.  Once I installed the latest driver for this external video card, the bad image error was resolved.
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