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I just finished the install of my Exchange 2010 server, HUB,CAS, and MB on 1 server. I want to change the OWA url. I want the internal and external OWA url to be the same.

Currently it is

I want to change it to

Can it be done?
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You must set OWA Virtual Directory Properties:
Set-OWAVirtualDirectory -ExternalURL -InternalURL
Than you must assign SSL Certificate contained correct name in SAN Field (NetBIOS Name, FQDN, External Name) and select appropriate authentication method (Integrated for internal use and, for example, FBA for external). If you can use ISA\TMG\UAG for publishing your OWA in Internet - that great!
Yes, you need to add entries in your DNS server. Also you need to get new certificate for this
caspercmwAuthor Commented:
Do I need to make any changes to IIS and EMC?
caspercmwAuthor Commented:
I added the DNS entries and now I'm able to hit the page with the new address, but the Mailboxes do not open.
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