Disaster Recovery Test Exchange 2003 SP2

We are trying to test a disaster recovery involving Exchange 2003 SP2. We have a main office and a data center location that is connected via a fiber optic connection with routers on each side. The main office and disaster recovery site are on the same subnet, however the IP address scheme and disaster recovery set up are as follows.
IP address scheme
(a) Main office 192.168.10.*
(b) Disaster Recovery Site 192.168.20.*
Disaster Recovery Set up
(a) One Exchange Server 2003 (Physical Box ) SP2
(c) Snapdrive
(d) Locally mapped drive (via iSCSI\Snapdrive) for Ex data (M:\) and logs(N:\)
(e) One NetApp Filer with CIFS,iSCSI,Snaprestore and SnapMirror
(f) Two domain controllers and DNS servers in main office and two domain controllers and DNS servers in DR Site
The above Filer is mirroring all its data to our datacenter location. We created a  Virtual Exchange box by doing a Physical to Virtual which is located on an ESX host in our data center location. The Virtual Exchange server  is currently not connected to the network (NICS disabled and it has the same name as our production exchange since we performed a P2V) .  If our building becomes unavailable we will have access to all Filer data in remote location. Basically we simply break the mirrors and data is available. Since we already have a Virtual Exchange server in our data center location with the same name ,could we map the local drives to M:\ and N:\, get the server online and mount the stores created with Server 1, on Server 2?  The server will have to be assigned an IP address matching DR Site (192.168.20.*, currently it has IP address 192.168.10.*).
Can somebody guide me if the above can be done? We want to perform a Disaster Recovery test assuming main building becomes unavailable. After the test we want to revert back to the production set up that we have.

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MadParConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think this is not possible, because your virtual server has a diffirent SID. Try use setup /disasterrecovery swith to restore Exchange Server. You can deploy virtual server from VMware template and setup Exchange Server with this switch. In this case configuration information readed fro Directory.
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