Expand Script to affect multiple Input Fields


I have a script designed to show default text in a textfield, text that disappears onFocus, and reappears if no user text is input. The problem with the script is that it only affects one field. How can I expand the capabilities of the script to effect multiple fields?

I'm using this to show the words "Required Field" in various textfields.

Many thanks.

The script:

window.addEvent('domready', function(){
  var default_value = 'Required Field';
  var text_input = $('required_field_1');
  text_input.value = default_value;
  // click into text field
  text_input.addEvent('focus', function(){
    if (this.value == default_value) {
      this.value = '';
  // click out of text field
  text_input.addEvent('blur', function(){
    if(this.value=='') {
      this.value = default_value;

THE CSS (sets text color);
.default_value { color: #666; } 

The Input Field Code:
<input id="required_field_1" name="First_Name" />

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With jQuery you can do it like this (presuming you assign class="withDefault" to each requried field):
$(document).ready(function() {
    $('.withDefault').attr("value","Required Text");
    $('.withDefault').attr("onFocus","if(this.value == defaultValue) {this.value = '';}");
    $('.withDefault').attr("onBlur","if (this.value == '') {this.value = defaultValue;}");

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Here's an example - I don't set the value of the fields (which I've shown above), but it uses the "withDefault' class to assignt he onblur and onfocus events.:

the HTML page that is the demo form is here:
dcayceAuthor Commented:
nap0leon (Jason?);

Beautiful stuff there at the JasonDahlin site! Very impressive.

And this bit of code is so much more elegant. Here's a question, though: what if I wanted to control the default text color. How would I apply a style to this script?
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Yah - that's me.

You want to change the color of the text in the input box?
Do you want only the default text ("Required Text") to be a different color (like, red) and then have it switch to a normal color (like black) when they start typing?
dcayceAuthor Commented:
Very nice work there.

Yeah, that would do it. Red, or a gray then another color for the input text.
OK, examples below use red for "Required Text" and black for when the user starts typing. You can change these to whatever you want.  I recommend using the Hex color codes rather than the names though (red = #FF0000, black = #000000)

set the default color to red by adding this to your styles:

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then update the lines I gave earlier to toggle between the colors you want to use:
    $('.withDefault').attr("onFocus","if(this.value == defaultValue) {this.value = '';this.style.color='black';}");
    $('.withDefault').attr("onBlur","if (this.value == '') {this.value = defaultValue;this.style.color='red';}");

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dcayceAuthor Commented:
That's a beautiful thing there, Jason.

Thanks for all your help!
dcayceAuthor Commented:
Great Expert, this one.
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