Seeking best practice for DHCP

I have a Server 2003 Std. SP2 as my Domain Controller.  I currently have DHCP set up as follows:

Address Pool:
Start:    End: is excluded due to a legacy AS400 system is on that IP

I have multiple Reservations starting at: and going through  These are switches and some printers.  I would like to redo the entire scope of the DHCP, but not sure of the best way to do this.  I would like to set up the following:  through  15 for servers through 50 for printers through 200 for my DHCP Range or pool through 254 reserve for static IP's on devices.

I am a little nervous to simply change the range in my pool as I am unsure what consequences it will have on my network.

Thank you for your help!

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Chris MillardCommented:
You can't change the scope range. You'll have to delete it and re-create it from scratch.
HCDukeAuthor Commented:
Are there or will there be any consequences from simply deleting my current scope and recreating?

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