Outlook Archiving Does not reduce mailstore size

I am not running Exchange!  I am running an IMAP server (Scalix).

When I go into Outlook and choose to Archive, the archive.pst file grows in the person's directory, just like it should.  I had to learn to put a check mark in the box about "Archive even if do not archive is on" or something weird like that.

Anyways, the person's mailstore on the server may be 3GB.  If I archive, the archive.pst will grow by about 2GB, but the mailstore remains unchanged at 3GB.  is there another checkbox I should be hitting that says, in effect "remove the archived items from the server"?
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Chris BottomleySoftware Quality Lead EngineerCommented:
Essentially yes you need to compact the pst whenever you reduce the content

File data file management, select pst, settings , compact

dougp23Author Commented:
Thanks Chris, but i am not concerned about the PST size.  I am concerned about the size of the mailstore that stays on the server.
I think I have found a solution, when you go into File, then Archive, there is a checkbox that says something like "Archive items that have the don't archive flag set".  Typical Microsoft, sheesh!  So I will try that and see if archiving actually...well...archives.
Check the archive settings
Make sure that not only the Inbox is getting archived by the other folders in the isers Mailbox as well.
Sent items, deleted items, any sub folders ect ect

Not sure what office suite is being used, but make sure its got the latest SP

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dougp23Author Commented:
Not what I needed, but then again, it was a Linux based IMAP server running with Outlook as a client.  I thank Chris for at least offering up some solutions!
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