Can someone please help with DDG creation?

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I'm trying to create different Dynamic Distribution Lists:
DDG #1
Company like "Corporate"
Office equal US - Pittsburgh

DDG #2
Company like "Corporate"
I want to this DDG to scan against all 3 domains we have.  Is that possible or I have to create 3 separate DDGs for each domain (apac, amer, emea) and then bundle each DDG into 1 new regular DL?

Trying the following:
new-dynamicdistributiongroup -name "Everyone@CorporatePittsburgh" -alias "EveryoneatCorporatePittsburgh" -OrganizationalUnit -recipientfilter {((recipienttype -eq "usermailbox") -and (company -like "Corporate") -and (physicalDeliveryOfficeName -eq "US - Pittsburgh, PA"))}

Get the following Error for DDG #1:
New-DynamicDistributionGroup : Cannot bind parameter 'RecipientFilter' to the t
arget. Exception setting "RecipientFilter": ""physicalDeliveryOfficeName" is no
t a recognized filterable property. For a complete list of filterable propertie
s see the command help.
"((recipienttype -eq "usermailbox") -and (company -like "Corporate") -and (phys
icalDeliveryOfficeName -eq "US - Pittsburgh, PA"))" at position 75."
At line:1 char:170
+ new-dynamicdistributiongroup -name "Everyone@CorporatePittsburgh" -alias "Eve
ryoneatCorporatePittsburgh" -OrganizationalUnit -re
cipientfilter  <<<< {((recipienttype -eq "usermailbox") -and (company -like "Co
rporate") -and (physicalDeliveryOfficeName -eq "US - Pittsburgh, PA"))}
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You must replace LDAPDisplayName of Property (in your case physicalDeliveryOfficeName) to OPATH Name (in your case Office).
You cann't create single DDG for three domains :(


new-dynamicdistributiongroup -name "Everyone@CorporatePittsburgh" -alias "EveryoneatCorporatePittsburgh" -OrganizationalUnit -recipientfilter {((recipienttype -eq "usermailbox") -and (company -like "Corporate") -and (Office -eq "US - Pittsburgh, PA"))}

Preview shows 0 Members.  The Company field for the AD Objects shows items like "Corporate Information Technology" or "Corporate Human Resources" so I'm hoping to target all users with the word "Corporate" within the Company field and have Office listed as "US - Pittsburgh, PA"
Try "Corporate*"


Try "Corporate" where?  I have it already listed:
(company -like "Corporate"
Adam BrownSenior Systems Admin
Top Expert 2010
Note the * in corporate. Using company -like "corporate" will only match if the exact entry in the company field is Corporate. The * allows you use wildcards so it would match anything that starts with corporate when you use company -like "corporate*" additionally, company -like "*corporate*" will match anything with company that has anything before or after that word in the field.

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