No Drives found to install Windows Server 2003

I have a Dell PE 1420 server, when it starts it boots to Windows Server 2003, I can login, etc...

I want to install a new clean OS, still Server 2003 for some non-production testing.

When I put the CD in and boot up to Windows Server setup, it tells me no disks are available, my only option is to hit F3 and it reboots.

Just confused on why would boot off the hard drives, but when in setup, can't find those drives.

It does have a RAID controller card in it, I believe a Perc. And I was ablout to go into it to see if a RAID was still configured.

Any other suggestions???
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You will need to download the raid drivers. Once you have them you can put them on a floppy drive or a thumb drive.
When the install loads press you will need to press "S" to specify the drivers for the raid controller and point it either the floppy drive or thumbdrive.

nick_kesslerAuthor Commented:
When the server is starting up the only option I have is CTLR-A for SCSISelect(TM) Utility
Is the install media in the drive? Also make sure in the bios that the dvd/cd boots first.
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Meko72 is right its the server raid drivers you need to load. After the Ctrl A and it loads the install media(CD) it will say to load hit F6 to load additional drivers (Bottom of screen) you will need a floppy as Server 2003 doesn't support load from USB. Then insert flopyy and install the raid drivers..

On a side note: Dell has a great utilty known as the Dell OpenManage Server Assistent Media it contains all the raid drivers and creates an install file to automatically take care of things like this.
This disk should have come with your server and you load it first answer the questions and insert your 2003 media when prompted.

Hope it helps.


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nick_kesslerAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone!

So I was able to get the drivers on diskette, when booted up by CD, I pressed F6 and went into the utility, I then pressed S and inserted the diskette. It showed the Adaptec card I have and it installed. Then restarted and tried to install Win 2003, same result, no logical drives found...

Confused, if I just let the server boot, I can get it to Windows, by when try to install Windows it says no drives...
If my memory serves me there are in fact 2 drivers require for that Dell so even thought you installed one it was only half the issue.. When you install the driver (the first one) then click to add additional drivers and scroll down to add the second controller. Then it should work. Your best option however is still to use the DELL setup cd, if you have it.

nick_kesslerAuthor Commented:
That was it, needed the 2nd drivers... Bene'

Thanks much everyone!!!
Great, thats very good news. Good luck!!!!!!

Not a problem, thats what we are here for.
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Windows Server 2003

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