Scan picture and Automatically insert into sql database

i am on Visual Studio 2008.

A client needs to interview a potential customer, get name, address, etc... and a drivers license.
On this web form, next to Drivers license, click a button and scan the Drivers license and have the web app AUTOMATICALLY put in the location of the .jpg, so then all they have to do is click submit.

I think from there, I can figure out how to insert the picture into sql or as i've seen stated, copy the picture to a backen db and store the filename in the db.

is there a way to do this with a simple hp scanner? or is there a third party app someone's used that can do this.  

Main thing is user wants this to be done automatically and NOT have to scan and save locally and then browse to the file.

thanks for any and all help.  :-)
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CodeCruiserConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is no easy way.

See if this works

You may have to buy a component
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