Accidential Removal and Deletion of files

We are currently running Windows Server 2008 we have a lot of file shares on the server that all of our users access. One problem that we constantly have is that some users accidentally move files to incorrect folders or delete files on accident. I was just curious if there was any way to somehow lock down those files so they cannot be moved or deleted by accident. We do have backups and restore them every time an issue like this does occur; however, I was hoping for a better solution to this matter.

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I saw this post doesn't look there is much luck since they need modify rights to the files if they want to edit them at all

Unfortunately, I am afraid that the requirement could not be met because of
 the way that Office saves files. When you modify and then save a Word
 document, the following happens:
1. Word builds a new temporary file using the edited version of the
2. After Word creates the temporary file, Word deletes the previous version
 of the document.
3. Word renames the temporary file to the same name as the previous version
 of the document.
According to the above work process, we can see that the Delete permission
 is required to modify and save a Word document. In other word, if you
 permit a user to save modification you will also need to permit a user to
 delete the file. Unfortunately, this behavior is designed and could not be
 modified. Thank you for your understanding.
For more information, please refer to the following Microsoft Knowledge
 Base article:
A description of the way that Excel saves files
You receive an error message when you try to save a file in Excel
WD: How Word for Windows Uses Temporary Files
If you go to the shared drive, right click properties, security, Avanced, select thr group or user you want and click edit, you can prevent them from deleting, but I'm not sure about moving folders.  Do you have shadow copying set up on your server to revert the folder to a previous version?  I have it set up to take a copy 3 times a day so if a person deletes a file, i can right click the folder, select prevous versions and select the time of the day to go back to.
The best way is setting appropriate file system privileges. Usually the OWNER has the right to delete owned files/folders. This setting alone should be enough.

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Windows Server 2008

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