How do I renew my ISA Server 2004 Certificate in SBS 2003?

I'm getting event 23402 in the logs on my SBS 2003 server:

The ISA Server certificate issued to <> will expire in less than 28 days. Verify that the correct certificate is selected in the Certificates page of the Web Listener Properties dialog box. If the problem persists renew the certificate with your certification authority (CA).

How do I go about renewing it and fixing this? It was not a certificate created by a third-party, we generated it ourselves.
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The certificate could be IIS related. Use IIS Management to renew the certificate or request a new one.
dbasplusAuthor Commented:
Thanks - but where in IIS do I do this?

I'm pretty sure this is the certificate used when our users connect remotely to the server via Remote Web Workplace.
First of all you should identify the certificate. You can identify the certificate either by looking at the event on the log (who is or by checking certificates listed in the ISA 2004 Web Listeners.
Instructions for ISA:
a. Open ISA,
b. Select "Firewall Policy" in the left pane,
c. Select Toolbox tab in the right pane,
d. Select "Network Objects" group,
e. Check one by one the Web Listeners listed,
f. The "Certificates" tab of each Web Listener shows the certificate used (if the Web Listener uses SSL). A button on the right "Select Certificate" shows you a list on Certificates. This list should help you identify the certificate.

Once you have identified the certificate, please report back. Thank you.
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dbasplusAuthor Commented:
I have identified the certificate using the method you describe. It is for the URL (i.e. the etc I mentioned above - real domain name removed for privacy) we use to connect via Remote Web Workplace, with an expiration date of 12th January 2012.
The best method for renewing a SBS Certificate is running CEICW. You might find the following link usefull:

I give you some directions about the 2nd link:
a. At the 2nd window (Connection Type) select the option "Do not change connection type".
b. At the 12th window (Firewall) select the option "Do not change firewall configuration".
c. At the 14th window (Web Services Configuration) select the 2nd option "Allow access..." and select the Web site services needed.
d. At the 15th (HERE WE ARE!) window (Web Server Certificate) select the 1st option and write down the Web server name.
e. At the 16th window select the last option.
f. You should get at the last window with a summary of all settings.

Let me know.

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dbasplusAuthor Commented:
Thanks. I created a new certificate using the CEICW.

Only issue I have now is when I go back to the ISA web listener and look at the certificate, both the old and new certificates are shown in the list (same certificate names, different expiry dates). Will it automatically use the new certificate when the old one expires? Or do I need to do something further?
You should set the Web Listener to use the new certificate. The new one is already valid. Be aware that users might get a warning message when accessing the web site after you have set the new certificate. The warning might indicate that the certificate is unknown.
dbasplusAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help
You are welcome! Have a nice time and... Merry Christmas.
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