Admin can login to sbs 2008 but has no rights

I'm not sure that I'm in the correct place.

Windows SBS 2008 Standard server has been working fine for two year until today. About fifteen users and several printers and a storage server hang off of the SBS.

All users seem to be able to login, send and receive email, print, and get at all the data on the storage server.

When I attempt to login remotely, I get the usual login screen, I "successfully" login as the domain administrator, but after a several minute wait, I am presented with an empty desktop. Attempts to start any program produce several different errors but the most common and perhaps the most meaningful is: "The pipe state is invalid." This error message leads me to believe that I have no access rights.

Not much works -- no control panel, all *.msc panels give me the invalid pipe message, IE will not even attempt to open or give a message.

I can get to the command line and the nic is running both IPv4 and IPv6. Other utilities allow me to move around a bit and see what is happeing. I've tried running a few applications from the command line but I there is any response, it is the invalid pipe message.

I cannot see any of the other network nodes except the router (gateway) nor can I ping them. Yet I can reach the server remotely using RDP.

I'm just throwing stuff out on the table cause I'd really like to get this fixed tonight or tomorrow and do it remotely if possible. Not sure why being on-site would be any help.

I have an empty office where the server is located tomorrow and would be able to take the server down if I needed to.


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albevierConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Problem fixed with an on-site visit, boot into safe mode, hack reg to enable all IPv6 components on the NIC.

I decided to hack the registry as I have seen posts that indicate the checkbox on the NIC properties window does not always do the trick.

For whatever reason, regedit was not available until the server was in safe mode, and I don't know of  any other utility that allow me to edit the registry.

albevierAuthor Commented:
I can ping other nodes. No change made, I just had not pinged enough addresses to hit one. Once I found the scope, I find I can ping just about anything.
Have you restarted the server?
albevierAuthor Commented:
Restarted server. Yes. No change.
albevierAuthor Commented:
I had to get the server healthy fast so we sent a tech on-site.
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