SQL Server 2000 Backup

I have a SQL Server 2000 database backup that is about 204,996,89 kb in size.
I have been asked to copy this backup from a production server to a QA box, but it's taking me hours upon hours to copy; now was told to findout how to break the backup into small chunks before copying to the destination server box (QA).

My question, how do you break backups into smaller chunks or what tool to use?
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I would recommend Total Commander that can split a file into equal files that can be regrouped at the destination.
"Split File" and "Combine Files" in the File Menu of the Total Commander.
You can use the trial version... or you can buy it. It's not that expensive

Also FreeCommander has a split file function in the File Menu. And it generates and executable file followed by the rest of the parts of the file... and upon destination you just place all the chunks in the same folder and run the executable.
This one is free
Scott PletcherSenior DBACommented:
There are a number of Windows file splitter tools than you can use, I think some of them are free even for business use.

Of course you can also compress the backup prior to sending, then de-compress on the receiving end.  That will take a while also, but not as long as copying that much across a network.
20GB backup- you can break into 4 DVDs, and take them across.. The DVD recording tool will take care of the details for you..
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