learn html 5

I want to learn html 5 and could anyone recommend an evironment to use/program for this.

I have VS2010.
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I use the latest Dreamweaver (I think...Adobe does release a new version ever other week, so it is hard to keep track...) and they do create a basic HTML 5 structure for you when you start working on a new page (and HTML 5 markup is selected).

However some of the new HTML 5 syntax highlights in code view as incorrect syntax.

I recently bought a book called: HTML5 & CSS3 for the Real World.  You can find it on sitepoint.com.  I thought it was a good way to get introduced into HTML 5.

You should be able to create your own HTML5 page with your current version of Visual Studio.  Just erase the base page code that Visual Studio generates when you start a new file and copy/paste some base template of HTML 5.  Then just code away.

If you are looking for dreamweaver or visual studio to generate the HTML 5 code for you or to access some of the new APIs then I don't think there is much support for that currently.  Though I may be wrong...
Netbeans 6.9 beta is free...if you are comfortable with beta.
Dreamweaver from adobe cost $ but it seems to be ready for html5.

Have you looked at html 5 for VS2010? - http://vishaljoshi.blogspot.com/2011/06/announcing-html5-css3-support-for.html


jagguyAuthor Commented:
i have downloaded vs2010 sp1 with html5 stuff
I also downloaded aloha but for the life of me how does it work?
I have a unloaded a whole lot of aloha files in a folder and then what?
jagguyAuthor Commented:
I mean I download aloha and what is going on here?

I downloaded Aptana studio 3 and how an earth do you get code to run in this as I get a 'cant launch error"
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