Acrobat X Pro constantly crashes when scanning

I have just purchased and installed Acrobat X Pro onto my computer.  When attempting to scan a document in PDF from FILE > CREATE > PDF From Scanner, the program crashes when attempting to scan. Regardless of whether I select a custom scan or one of the options in the Menu.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled Acrobat Reader.
I have used the Acrobat Repair Installation.
I have even used the Twacker_32 application.  This seems to work fine, acquiring the image without any problems.

I am using a Multi-Function Printer (Samsung CLX-3160FN).  I have no problem scanning in Photoshop, Word or other programs.

My version of Acrobat X Pro is 10.1.1.
I am using Windows 7 64-bit O/S
I have never had a problem with the previous versions, so I am a little confused as to what is happening.

Please help.
Steve BSenior ProducerAsked:
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You Acrobat version on Windows7 64bit is has numorous complaints similiar to yours.
These ideas may help:
Many issues have been fixed with Windows 7 SP2 and the latest Windows updates.
What happens if you try scanning this way:
Choose File > Create > PDF From Scanner > Custom Scan.
You may need to update the scanner driver.
Turn off "Enable advanced printing features" in the  Adobe PDF Printer properties\preferences
Try to find an Annotation setting in Adobe and disable it if possible. Not sure where it is, or if it is user accessible.
*Try setting Acrobat scan settings to scan from "flat bed" instead of "paper feed"
*Try setting Acrobat scan settings to Native Mode to use the scanners driver instead of the Windows\Acrobat new type.

Do not have more than 1 version of Adobe on the same computer. If you uninstall a different version, reboot before installing another version. Goes for different Reader versions too.

Adobe X uses the new "correct" method of scanning when used on Windows 7 64bit,older versions were not as strict and tight with Windows. Some users report having to buy a new scanner or revert to an earlier (non Windows7 certified) version.

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Steve BSenior ProducerAuthor Commented:
Most of what you stated, I have tried, especially the custom scan. I only have this version of Adobe. This is a brand new computer. I will try SP2. As I didn't know it was released.
I have seen this issue many times with Acrobat X and every time it is a different resolution for some reason.

The first thing to do is try changing your scanning files as it could be permission related (even though you may be an admin).

Go to C:\Windows\ and replace the twain_32.dll file you have with this one

Let me know if that worked, if not on to the next step.

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Steve BSenior ProducerAuthor Commented:
Hi johnj_01201: I have searched and searched and I can't find a SP2 for Windows 7 Ultimate.
From the Microsoft Service Pack Center Page "The latest service pack for Windows 7 is Service Pack 1 (SP1)."

VirtualScan: I downloaded the file, however each time I try to replace the file it tells me I need permission.  I tried to change the permissions on the Windows Folder, however windows says access denied.
OK so that is your problem for sure. You need to take ownership of that file. See below instructions and images attached on how to do this. Let me know if it helps.
right click on twain_32


open security tab

advanced button

go to owner tab

highlight your profile

hit edit

highlight Users or your profile

click apply then ok on the next two windows

click edit on your user and allow full control to the file

click apply then ok

you should then be able to delete the file
 File properties Taking ownership of twain_32.dll
Steve BSenior ProducerAuthor Commented:
Okay, I did as per your instructions.  Was able to delete the Twain File.  Then place the other Twain File in the Windows folder.  All worked well.

I then tried Adobe Acrobat and same problem occured.  I so thought we fixed it.
More assistance required.
Do you know how to expose the scanners interface when scanning from adobe? See images.

Try that and let me know results also make sure you have the latest updates if you havent already.

         pic 112-17-2011-8-02-54-AM.jpg
Steve BSenior ProducerAuthor Commented:
Yes I did try to do that, earlier in the piece by using the Native Interface, when I was looking through the web for possible solutions.  This still created the same problems.  I also do have the latest UPDATES of Windows and am using the latest version of Adobe Pro X.

Problem still occurs.
You have an odd one. Our company makes remote scanning and imaging products so I deal with these issues all day. I am happy to try and give it a shot via web meeting and see what can be done if thats an option it also may be something that Adobe is doing in their new version. I have seen this on X before.

My email is please feel free to contact me and I can try to assist.

Windows 7 does not use twain - that is your problem. You need to get a WIA driver. You need to go to an earlier verson of windows to use twain.
Steve BSenior ProducerAuthor Commented:
johnj_01201: I believe I have a WIA Driver.  When I use Photoshop it only offers the option of WIA scan.  And photoshop scanning works perfectly.  So if Adobe Photoshop is working okay, why shouldn't adobe acrobat X do so.
Just for the record Windows 7 does use twain but Microsoft developed WIA (windows image acquisition) drivers which they want you to use. This is a common misconception.
Steve BSenior ProducerAuthor Commented:
Thanks Eyal for your help with a possible solution.

I will keep you up to date with any news I get from Samsung, given that it appears that the issue is the Samsung Twain Driver and Windows 7 compatibility.
Steve BSenior ProducerAuthor Commented:
Absolutely amazing guy, willing to go above and beyond what is required as an expert on this website.  Very helpful and supportive.

Thank you for your time and effort.
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