HP System Management problem?

Hi all, i have just reinstall one of my member server from Windows from 32 bits to Windows 2003 64 bits.

After that I download and install the necessary drivers for my server but when i go to System Management (latest version), there is no component at all. And the system model is also blank.

Before that i still can see the Storage, Management Processor, Operating System, System, System Configuration and System model column.

May i know what i am missing? Thanks
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The system seems incompatible with x64,or the drivers are not completely stable.
There might have been an error with your install.
Did you try to repair system files?Try this in cmd:
sfc /scannow

Update after!If you can provide picture,it might help a bit also!
DecarnAuthor Commented:
ok sure... will try to run the command tomorrow.

By the way, by default, i just need to install System Management and that will do right? And also the drivers for the server. Thanks
DecarnAuthor Commented:
I know what happen. if i use smartstart cd to do the whole installation, the system management would be fine. But however using smartstart to do the installation of the OS, my other extended partition would be gone and it would format the whole hdd and install on a single partition.

Any free partition software for 64 bits server so that i can partition to C and D drive? thanks
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DecarnAuthor Commented:
Anyone can advise? Thks
yes,sorry for late responce,there are several programs,not all free,but you can try it.
The one I like the most is the paragon hard disk manager.There is a free one here that supports x64 : http://www.partition-tool.com/

Or you can try to do it via a boot disc.There is the hiren's boot cd which has many utilities for that.
DecarnAuthor Commented:
I tried e paragon server version, is a demo version which cannot apply e changes because is a demo set.

Hiren boot cd? Have u try before? Not sure how it works. Thks
DecarnAuthor Commented:
I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

no solution
yes,I already used it,it was first recommended to me from a network technician,who's a friend of mine.
There are many utilities,which may be useful for you later also.I cannot help you alot more than this,since I would need to be in front of the computer to assist.I have a full legal version of paragon software,but I cannot share,unfortunately.
I am quite sure we can find a solution.The reason it takes long to answer from me,is that I have school during week days,and I work during the evenings,and weekends,so I have to find a hole.But I am determined to find a solution.Thanks
Possibly I could be wrong,but if I am wrong,please tell me,but I could share the x64 version of paragon hard disk manager which I received once a go from giveawayoftheday.com .
It was free to distribute,so I do not see any problems.
DecarnAuthor Commented:
Sure SylvainSSiri, but i am not sure how you going to share it to me. Thanks
I will post the installation here,uploaded to mediafire.
In the installer,there will be a button which is written get a free serial,you will click
on it,it will bring you to a page to get a serial.It is legal and free,and it still works!
You will have your own serial,and it will be legal of use.I will take some time today to upload it,
since it is 110mb.It will be partition manager 10 from paragon.I hope it will help you more.
There you go,I hope it will work...
Paragon Partition Manager Personal 10 giveaway edition.

*Note to mods,this is installer only that I received on giveawayoftheday,so it is free
to share,there is no counterfeit here...*

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DecarnAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot. Will download it when I get home in another 8 hours. Thks
Glad to hear it worked for you!I hope I assisted you well in your trouble!
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