can't open ports

I can't seem to get any ports open even though I have turned the firewall off on my Linksys E4200.  The E4200 is behind a Comcast SMC cable router/modem which has been setup as a bridge.  The static IP addresses are configured on the gateway and the E4200.  When I run port scanning software on the Internet it shows that every port is closed.  Even those I have setup to be port forwarded to internal LAN machines. Does anybody know what is going on?

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can you be more clear on your setup.

Comcast device has public IP address such as ?
Linksys has Public IP address such as  ?

You mention bridge mode.  Normally for ADSL type of routers, bridge mode is like a pass-through mode and the ADSL router would not have the public IP address on it's interface.

I am not sure what your configuration is, so more info would help for a faster answer.
chasmx1Author Commented:
Comcast is a cable company and they provide a SMC modem/router. We purchased 5 static IP addresses from them which then allows Comcast to disable routing functions. The Linksys E4200 is plugged into one of the 4 Ethernet ports on the SMC and then connected to the WAN port on the E4200. The E4200 is configured for static Ip and has the default gateway address configured on it as well as one of the available static IP addresses. Port forwarding is configured to send port 10000 traffic to LAN IP of Several other port also are set to forward to other machines on our LAN. When I run the port scanning WEB apps they say all the ports are closed. I called Linksys tech support and they haven't a clue.

I'm T a loss on what to do next!

That setup sounds OK
From another LAN side PC can you open a DOS window and  telnet to the 10000

do you get any response?

I would also setup something like port 3389 on the Linksys.  Route/port forward 3389 to a PC on your LAN. Make sure the PC firewall is dis-abled and that you can remote desktop to it.

Then try to remote desktop from the internet side.
This is to just confirm that we can get a common setup to work first.

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chasmx1Author Commented:
I can VPN to another office an use RDC with Windows 7 without a hitch
What about the telnet test on the local lan from another PC/Machine.
Are you sure there is something listening on port 10000
chasmx1Author Commented:
When I run port scanning apps on the Internet with only the Comcast SMC router/modem connected it shows all ports closed even though it is spots idly in bridge mode passing all traffic.
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