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I discovered that after installing the Messenger Plus! Toolbar, it also installed a software called Browser Companion, what is that? Is this really required?
Billy MaVice PresidentAsked:
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I am going to guess that you do not need it.  Most applications that install while installing one app are not needed, just a way for them to get their software onto your computer.  Browser companions are nothing but small add-ons that add new functionality to a browser.  What this one does I couldn't exactly tell you.  

I did a quick google search and there is nothing special about it in terms of mal-ware or whatever. It absolutely is not spyware either. It is installed because you have chosen to install it.
Also note that it could have been installed by many programs, aka it might not have been Messenger Plus!.

Either way, if it was installed by Plus! then, as said before, you have explicitly chosen to install it. The setup of Plus! will not install sponsor stuff automatically; you need to tick or un-tick (according to your choice) the check boxes and confirm the installation of those sponsor tools/ads.
Nothing gets installed by force.

And in case it was installed by Plus!, then you can simply uninstall it by running the uninstaller of Plus! and by choosing "uninstall sponsor".
Or by searching for the uninstaller of that ad/toolbar in your "Add/Remove Programs" list in Windows (depends on what flavor of sponsor you have).

Also, that same Google search I refer to above also shows that this Browser Companion sometimes comes with its own uninstaller also.
Third, another way to uninstall, or at least disable, browser plugins is to go to your browser settings.

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Billy MaVice PresidentAuthor Commented:
also, in Firefox, there is anther Extension called Browser Companion Helper 1.0.5
I am not sure if this also come with Plus!
Can you please help check?
I haven't found anything that says that the Browser Companion Helper 1.0.5 is specific to Firefox, but it very well could be.  General rule for toolbars in any browser is if you don't use it get rid of it.  It will eliminate any confusion and speed up the troubleshooting process if anything go wrong in the future.
Billy MaVice PresidentAuthor Commented:
thanks for your help!
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