creating and e-mailing a db2 report

I would like to create a report which extract data from db2 and e-mail it.

What is the best approach to tackle this ?
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Kent OlsenConnect With a Mentor Data Warehouse Architect / DBACommented:
Hi Rozamunda,

I'm not aware of any DB2 version having built-in support for generating PDF documents.  But the functionality does exist in PHP and has for quite a while.

Here's an example that was written for PHP version 4.  (PHP is currently at version 5, but the example is still valid.)

You'll need to format the static parts of the page and, assuming that you're returning multiple rows from the database, loop through the returned data an post each row to your report.  And of course this means that you may be printing multiple pages so that will need to be handled, too.

Good Luck,
which tool were you planing on using to format the report?
this is not something i would post on the db2 forum
RozamundaAuthor Commented:
i posted it on php forum, this is part of my question, how to create and format pdf report using php and e-mail it
MurpheyApplication ConsultantCommented:
What platform is DB2 running ?
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