Can a FOR/NEXT type loop be done in a SQL Stored Procedure

I need to code a for next loop in a SQL stored procedure.  I tried joining multiple SELECT statements together but the length of the string is greater then 8000.   Basically the SELECT statement returns the same 3 values, only the where clause changes.  Looking for a value equal to an specific number that is then incremented 10 times, ie WHERE ItemCount = 10,  WHERE ItemCount = 11 etc.  Looking to loop and increcment the value.  I am assignng the results to a temp table and then retreiveing them at the end of the process.

If it is possible what is the syntax?

Thank you
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DECLARE @counter INT

SET @counter = 1

WHILE @counter <= 10

SELECT A, B, C FROM MyTable WHERE ItemCount= @counter

SET @counter = (@counter + 1)

Here is an approach I use all the time now:

As outlined in the link, you use @@ROWCOUNT immediately after your select statement to gather the data.  Also, in 2008, you can join multiple lines with EXEC(@Data1 + @Data2 + @Data3 + ... + @Data10).  But, even easier is VARCHAR(MAX):
skinsfan99Author Commented:
Thank you!!
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