hdmi sound not working windows 7 gts 450

Hi Experts,

I've exhausted the online search on this one.

New build msi mobo, 500w ps, 4gb ddr3, 640gb 7200rpm hdd, EVGA GTS 450 pci-e x16
OS Windows 7 Home premium 64
Intended use media center

I can't get the sound to work out of the hdmi.


I've had this video card, in a different computer, hooked up to the same TV working fine.  It gave me problems until I set HDMI as default audio out.

I cannot set HDMI as "default" as all the HDMI outs in windows are showing up as "Not plugged in"

Any advice greatly appreciated, on my last nerve!


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Did you install the latest driver from EVGA?


The latest drivers seems to be a beta.  If it doesn't work, try an older version.  There are audio driver updates with the newer drivers.

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Hi FDMilwaukee
Desktop or laptop?
Do you have an onboard video card?
all the HDMI outs in windows are showing up as "Not plugged in"<<<
Could be a drivers issue, did you upgrade to window 7x64  from xp HP 32 bit or 64 bit??
and this card came from xp?HP? to windows x 64?
HP have OEM drivers did you manage upgrade the drivers ok to x64?
update your drivers from the manufacturer EVGA GTS 450 pci-e x16 or from the HP site
Are you using tv out from the video card?
How did you plan to use WMC?
You'll need an  media extender?
which cables do you use?
desktop PC or laptop?
have you tried>right clicking on HDMI and select "Properties" That should open up the properties Then go to the 3rd tab and make sure the sound icon doesnt have a little "block" sign
and have you tried> in the playback devices  right click in the space in the box and click 'show disabled devices.
Have you attached the audio cabe from the mainboard to the edge of this video card, does it support the audio cable?
That may explain the devices are not plugged in message, until you see this must be a problem with either the cables are in the wrong place or wrong cables. or drivers.

Now that your on windows 7 you probably already have HD audio, to enable this requires a digital cable or maybe a cable off the video card
Take a look at the back of your tower, on mine I have 6 audio sockets.
Open control panel>Control Panel\Hardware and Sound
Realtek HD audio manager
keep it open and pull out your audio cable for your PC speakers and watch what happens
do you get a pop out
have you tried fix a problem rom windows help and support

see the digital out on the bottom right click on that

JohnnyCanuck and I posted at the same time :P it happens
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FDMilwaukeeAuthor Commented:
I have the latest driver installed from Nvidia.

Clean install of Windows 7 on a new build.

and where did HP come into this.  It says in my post "New Build"
EVGA make their own cards using Nvidia technology.  The Nvidia drivers will work but you may not get all the features of the specific card manufactured by EVGA.  That's why I suggested you try the drivers from EVGA's web site.
FDMilwaukeeAuthor Commented:

After installing, uninstalling reinstalling, letting windows install, changing hardware configs......

....never thought to install the stable non-beta drive release!!!

You're my hero!!!
FDMilwaukeeAuthor Commented:
Also stupid on my part to go to nvidia vs. evga for the driver install.  I would have had less frustration if I just had tossed the dvd included in the box in

Thanks Again!!!
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