Difference between storage and conceptual schema

In the entity framework what is the difference between storage and conceptual schema.

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Mohamed_allabakashConnect With a Mentor Commented:
An External Schema is to support views of data and to provide programmers with easier data access, whereas a Conceptual Schema is the schematics of the Programme. It describes the things that are important to the programme. So the External schema is for user views and the Conceptual schema integrates external schematics.

External schemas allows data access to be customized (and authorized) at the level of individual users or groups of users. Conceptual (logical) schemas describes all the data that is actually stored in the database. While there are several views for a given database, there is exactly one conceptual schema to all users. Internal (physical) schemas summarize how the relations described in the conceptual schema are actually stored on disk (or other physical media). External schemas provide logical data independence, while conceptual schemas offer physical data independence.
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