Suggestion Needed for Virtualization and thin Client

Dear Experts -

I have been studying about Virtualisation and thin client for one of my project requirement .. I need to achieve below

What I want

1. I don't want users ( 200 Users ) to have local storage  
2. I want to have full control over their data and files specifically sensitive information
3. I dont want laptop users to take data with them when they leave company
4.I want users to access certain daily use application including ms-office, ERP and some in house made applications

I am not able to think on right direction .
1. Should we go for thin client
2. Citric Vs Vmware Vs Windows 2008 Native
3. Application publishing Vs Desktop Publishing (VDI)

can some please suggest right direction ..?
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Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
If you are looking for an independent overview of the Server Hosted Desktop Virtualization (VDI) solutions and curious about the different features- and functions each Desktop Virtualization vendor is offering!? This is the whitepaper you definitely must read!

In the current market there is an increasing demand for unbiased information about Desktop Virtualization solutions. This white paper is focused on solutions that are anticipated to have an important role in VDI deployments. An overview of available features of each solution is created to better understand each solutions capability.

Checkout this article

1. "I don't want users to have local storage" - Well, then a zero or thin client will be your choice.

2. "I want to have full control over their data and files specifically sensitive information" - For the most part, any VDI solution will work.

3. "I dont want laptop users to take data with them when they leave company" - Well, that is a 'controlled' feature of VMware's View solution. You just don't install the View Transfer Server and 'local hosting' is not able to be done.

4. "I want users to access certain daily use application including ms-office, ERP and some in house made applications" - VMware View can certainly handle this. With VMware View, you can use tools to pkg applications, as well as limit app installs by only installing in a "master" VM copy and push that out to your VDI desktop "pools".

1. "Should we go for thin client" -> See my answer above. To meet your 'local storage' requirement, those would be your best options. Which client to go with would be based upon what you decide is best for your org (Pano Logic, WYSE are your best options from a market leader stand point).
2. "Citrix Vs VMware Vs Windows 2008 Native" -> Again, the best options would be best decided by you based upon your org requriements, goals, scope, & cost (budget allowed). I don't work for VMware, but VMware virtualization is kinda my passion, so they would be my recommendation. They also tend to be the more expensive option.
3. Application publishing Vs Desktop Publishing (VDI)" -> Again, based on your research and knowing what you have in your org, the best option is something you'll really have to decide upon. (also, see my #4 answer above)

Here are a couple articles comparing VMware and XEN that may help you a bit:

Hope that helps.

Shamshad78Author Commented:
Thanks  hanccocka: and coolsport00:

thanks for the insight and great documents ..  concern left  Application Publishing Vs VDI

if i say my 70% Users only need Outlook and one account software . should we plan mix of application and VDI like to 70 users we can give remote App thing and rest 30% can be given VDI ..

Will be there be less Hardware resource requirement for Application Publishing
Will there be less licensing cost for application publishing as compared to VDI
if i can save money in application publishing I think i should save
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Shamshad78Author Commented:

and where does 2X  solution ( ) stand ..
Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
That's for mentioing 2X, as a 2Xpert, 2X offer low cost Thin Client and VDI solutions also.

Many organisations have been transitioning from Citrix to 2X, because of Citrix's name user license poliocy.

2X is licensed per server.

If your users only need Outlook and Accounting software, I would not consider a VDI solution, Terminal Services, Citrix or 2X, also offer traditional thin client solutions.

Yes, there will be less hardware required for Application Publishing, or traditional Thin Client, via RDP or ICA.
I concur with @hanccocka here - if all you're looking for is users needing those apps, going with an enterprise-wide VDI solution isn't the answer for sure.

I personally can't comment on 2x because I haven't had any experience with them.


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