sql backup shrink

I need to backup then shrink a few databases then send an email.

What’s the best option, I’ve looked at maintenance plans. But cannot find an email option.
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s___kConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can add job, which executes sql command and check in this command the size of the DB, if it is larger than x MB then shrink it.
SELECT * FROM sysfiles this will give you DB files info about size, etc
DBCC SHRINKFILE (yourdb, size)  shrink you db file
Look in SQL Server Agent -> Jobs -> Notifications
Also you'll need to configure Operator to send Mail
aneilgAuthor Commented:
thanks just another question on shrinking.

what do i need to set the following to.
MIS Data Warehouse
Size 100002MB
Space Available 1939MB

Shrink database when it grows beyond                  MB
Amount of free space after shrink                        %
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aneilgAuthor Commented:
this is what it is at the moment. what do you recommend.

1      1      8086272      -1      128      2      0      Data       F:\Data.mdf
2      0      4714024      268435456      10      1048642      0      Data _log      E:\Data_log.ldf
As size column represents the size of data file in 8kb pages you can use this:
SELECT size * 8 / 1024  FROM sysfiles  
this gives you data file size in MB
aneilgAuthor Commented:
sorry to be a apin, i get 63174

do you think 70000 mb
and 10% looks ok
It depends on what your db is intended for and your server resources.
Shrinking database removes only unused space
Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Connect With a Mentor Billing EngineerCommented:
shrink on regular basis ?
don't do that, please, you just waste I/O power when the file(s) have to grow later.
aneilgAuthor Commented:
partially answered.
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